About the Author

Dr. Bara H. Loveland is an internationally published author of several books and numerous articles. As a professional speaker, researcher and seminar leader — as well as instructor from university, college, high school, to elementary levels — she, since 1979, has published several books through publishers and university press, or by self-printing. She is the subject editor of the book Color Medicine by Charles Klotsche (updated eBook, click here).

Her new book at Xlibris, The Book of Consciousness, completes her septet on elevating understanding and experience of the mainly unseen, divine realms. This series of Specialty Books culminates in The Book of Consciousness, in the awareness of what consciousness ultimately "be:"

* Zeitalter des Gefühls (Era of Feeling, 1979),
* Symbole von Urerfahrung und ihre Wiederkehr im Bauen (Symbols of Primal Experience and Their Return in Building, 1981),
* Himmel- und Erdenmutter (Heaven and Earth Mother, 1981, book and slide show on the new-ancient™ symbolism of our life energy)
* Das innere Weltbild – Archetypen und Symbole (The Inner World Conception – Archetypes and Symbols, 1982),
* The (W)Hole Book on Mimbres Pots (1985, on the meaning of the symbolism of an ancient, native American tribe from around 1000AD to 1500AD).
* Auf den Flügeln des Windes (Upon the Wings of the Wind, 1989, manuscript, showing the interrelatedness of Stone Age symbols, spirituality and religions)
* Der Sonnenweg (The Way of the Sun, 1989; first dictionary of the origin of spiritual symbols, used in daily life)

Researching ancient symbols and their spiritual messages, Bara became the Researcher of the Divine™. She created the Color*Medicine™ eCourse and is the founder of Bio*Chakra™ Research Institute LLC. Periodically, she has presented her work on TV and radio, both in the US and in Europe – and newspapers have internationally reported about her work. She holds a first time doctorate in the combined fields of architecture and in-depth psychology and another one in natural healing, applying her knowledge as a researcher and author.

Bara is combining original research, science, spirituality, practicality, religion and humor, determining her new and unique book style. To order The eBook of Consciousness, click here.