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Antonia Hudson
Charles Klotsche, MBA
John Bigelow Loveland, MMsc
Dr. Bara H. Loveland
Webmaster Robert Schmierer BA



Antonia Hudson
Antonia Hudson

OUTSTANDING ARTIST ON ALL LEVELS  People admire the multitude of Antonia Hudson’s capabilities, expressed in how she perceives and lives life with all its aspects. She is a painter, a movie star, a stage performer, and a dancer, as well as a designer of jewelry, hand-painted dinner ware, and graphic art on new sinks. Also her beautifully designed Audrey Hepburn handbags drew attention for their art, practical interior and handy carrying options.

IMAGENESTM  This multitalented artist, Antonia Hudson, was drawn to express art since the age of 10. She later added drawing with charcoal, and creating art on glass, ceramics, paper, canvas, and stone, as well as working with oils, acrylics, and inks. Her exceptionally beautiful art is displayed at her production site, ImagenesTM at the Art Factory in Brownsville Texas. Visits by appointment only,
e-mail: toni-hudson@sbcglobal.net

Adoration of the Madonna


Charles Klotsche, MBA in Finance,

University of Wisconsin

Charles KlotscheOutlook

MANIFOLD FEATURED AUTHOR  The author Charles M. Klotsche became interested in writing during the mid 1980s after achieving noted success in business with his entrepreneurial ventures in real estate development, having exceeded $100,000,000 in scope. His projects and personality have been featured in dozens of prestigious periodicals, including The Smithonian, Architectural Digest, People Magazine, Popular Science, First Home Building, Progressive Architecture, Travel and Leisure and the National Real Estate Investor. As a developer, Charles discovered that the Pottery House by world famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright was never built and constructed it in Santa Fe, NM!

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SERIES, INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN  After intense studies and traveling, Charles has written many books on traveling and investing, for example: Journeys – Self-Discovery Through Travel, 1999; Crossing: Self-Discovery Through Travel, 2001; Passages – Self-Discovery Through Travel, 2004; Travels with Charlie, 2005; and Incredible Voyages, 2008. Furthermore, Color Medicine and Amazon’s bestsellers: Syndicator’s Handbook, and Real Estate Investing.

e-mail: cmklotsche@gmail.com

Color Medicine


John Bigelow Loveland, MMsc,

University of Sedona

John Loveland

FOUNDER OF NEW EARTH FOUNDATION AND INFINITE SOUL  John Bigelow Loveland is known earth-wide for founding and funding New Earth Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, giving grants locally at Sedona and around the globe, helping to create a better world for all life-forms.

BORN PHILOSOPHER  A born philosopher, thinker, and excellent researcher, John Bigelow Loveland MMsc wrote on December 4, 1955, age 21, “… my immediate goal in life is to perfect my being, that is, to reach a point where I am unable to perform any action that is opposed to wisdom. Philosophy and the consideration of universal facts is of the utmost importance … any lack of philosophy is lack of wisdom. … all religion is the outgrowth of philosophy.”

John founded Earth Community ResearchTM and New Earth FoundationTM. The latter, designed by John, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit grant-giving foundation. It gives grants to innovative projects that enhance life on this planet and are replicable to multiply the effect of the funds given. New Earth Foundation has received over 100 Letters of Inquiry a year for granting with sums asking for about $300,000. Please see grant examples and choose your area or project seeking funding on New Earth Foundation’s website www.newearthfoundation.org.

New Earth Foundation, where your donation makes the difference!TM

DONATIONS to John Bigelow Loveland’s foundation can be made via www.newearthfundation.org with its beautiful Sedona and planetary images.


Wheels of Wonder

The Holy Land war and Peace



Dr. Bara Loveland,

University of Darmstadt (TU), Germany

Bara Loveland

RESEARCHER OF THE DIVINETM  Dr. Bara (Bah-Rah) H. Loveland is called the Researcher of the DivineTM. She created this new-ancientTM division of science and intuition searching for the spiritual origins of things and ideas. Bara rediscovers the meaning of ancient messages that are written in the rocks and on clay tablets, and appear in sacred systems of the Mayan, Chinese, Egyptians, Germanic (runes) and Jewish tribes (Cabbala/Hebrew Tree of Life), and in ancient scriptures of India (Vedas/Bagavad Gita), in alphabets, the Bible, and documents of other cultures around the world.

WE ONLY HAVE TO REMEMBER  Bara discovered that the ancient messages form but one system, the holy system of 13, representing our sacred energy fields. We still have the tools to fully activate these miraculous energy fields of myths and legends – we only have to remember. Bara has taught seminars and given lectures at university level, and appeared internationally on TV and radio, sharing her amazing research results. She published several books, many articles, and created the Cosmic LeafTM series, condensing knowledge that is rare to find elsewhere – to pocket size: from original research or from the research of others.

Bara can be reached via www.NewAncientSecrets.com.


Robert Schmierer,

BA in Graphic Arts, California State University, Fullerton

Webmaster Robert Schmierer is a spectacular, multiple award winning, innovative web and ad designer whose work and bright strategies have yielded impressive results for his customers. Ad designers, who come up with really far out, startling ideas and humor are called heretics in ad agencies. In this sense, Robert is a heretic ad and web designer! Previous to founding his own firm, Robert worked for other companies with great success.

In Robert’s business, Heretic Advertising, clients work directly with Robert or designers/technicians on the job under Robert's guidance. Such direct approach prevents misunderstanding and saves time and money. Robert develops websites and implements branding strategies with great success. His work was featured e.g. in CA Magazine and One Show.

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